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Terms and Conditions of Business

1. In cases of Temporary or Fixed Term period employment, Quality People is the employer. Full details will be given to you prior to commencement of an assignment.

2. Whilst Quality People does its utmost to give full and correct information concerning assignments and placements, it does not accept any responsibility for, and is not liable for any misrepresentation concerning any of its clients or any information as to an assignment, prospective position or placement.

3. Quality People gives no representation or warranty that any situation will remain available.

4. Quality People is not liable for any loss or expense caused by effecting or attempting to effect a meeting or interview following any introduction.

5. The candidate consents to the disclosure of any information on this application form, an attached Curriculum Vitae, or any information received from nominated referees to be forwarded to a prospective client who may have an assignment or placement deemed suitable. Also to be stored on Quality People’s computerised record system.

6. Quality People is not responsible or liable for any loss or injury incurred to the candidate whilst on the premises of a client, or a client’s client, that Quality People has introduced them to.

7. I understand that Quality People will destroy written, and delete computerised records, six months from the signing of this Registration Form, or earlier at my request, or six months from cessation of employment.